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Where the top hvac, plumbing and electrical companies go to increase inbound calls, profitably grow revenue and dominate their market.

10x ROI


Month Contract

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Our Focus is Results

MAVERiiiCK is not another agency. We are a performance growth company, which means we make our money when you do. It’s that simple. We put our name behind our 10x ROI guarantee, but 10x is just the minimum – not our goal. we partner with one company in each geographic area to ignite revenue growth and we succeed when you do. Rising tides raise all ships!


Impossible to beat guaranteed growth and no down months.

I use Maveriiick in every market we’re currently in and will expand into…as will all my students. There’s very few companies I don’t want to compete head-to-head with…Maveriiick tops the list. Glad they’re on my team.

Victor Rancour

Founder & CEO, Absolute Airflow, California

Turn Every
$1 into $10-$30

Our competitive advantage

Rapid, reliable growth with no down months

Rapid means rate of acquisition. Reliable means consistency. We maintain a consistent rate of new business growth in accordance with your own business objectives. All you need to do is fulfill.

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No effort or sacrifice on your part

Our solution is plug-and-play as far as your teams are concerned. We create, install and implement the entire system for profitable acquisition of new calls and booked jobs.

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Rapid Ignition period

We’ll work quickly to create your campaigns, advertising accounts and integrations. Once you approve all creative, we’ll hit the ground running.

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Competitive dominance in any market

Armed with our technology and teams, you can now thrive in any ZIP code. Whether it’s dominating your current area, or expanding into a new one, MAVERiiiCK is the engine that powers your success.

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Pillars of MAVERiiiCK 

MAVERiiiCK does things differently

Our three proprietary technologies unlock your ability to grow profitably in any market

MAVERiiiCK is a Big Part of our Growth Plan

Since starting with Maveriiick, we’ve increased our spend with them to 4x our starting point…all while consistently hitting a 10x ROI or higher. I don’t know of another company that would guarantee me a $10 return on every dollar I spend. Our goal is to keep growing and Maveriiick is a big part of that plan.

Hector Waldo

Marketing Director, Semper Fi Heating & Cooling, Arizona

In-Market Technology

We know, by name, who is in your market searching for your services, right now. This allows us to advertise just to those people who need you now, instead of wasting ad dollars on people who are not in the market.
Marketing just to those who are looking to buy is vastly more efficient and effective than marketing to your entire service area hoping you hit the target.

Profitability Engine

Not all leads are created equal. We identify those prospective customers whose behavior indicates they have a high likelihood of booking an equipment installation or replacement job, or converting a repair job to a replacement. These leads are funneled automatically to your call center on an endless loop. Every. Single. Day.

Tracking & Reporting

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Our MAVERiiiCK Dashboard integrates with your CRM to report on each call and booked job, so you’ll know exactly how our program is performing.

Results Speak for Themselves

We live and die by metrics and allow the data to do the talking. We have a library of testimonials. Book a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through each of them until you’re convinced (we suggest you bring some coffee).

How To Grow Your HVAC Business
On Demand


Discover the new ‘machine learning fueled’ technology that is powering incredible returns on advertising dollars for thriving HVAC companies nationwide.


Integrated with Your CRM Data

Hire them immediately!

In just the first month with our team working Maveriiick leads, we’ve already generated an 11x ROI. Best of all, their reporting is spot on so we’re never questioning whether it is working! What’s not to like about this relationship? Hire them immediately before you have to compete against them.

Jeff Packard

Owner, One Stop Heating and Air Conditioning, Utah


Our Simple 3 Step Process to Igniting
Your HVAC Business Growth

11x ROI and Growing

In the HVAC world it seems that marketing programs are either magic … or tragic. When you find one that works like MAVERiiiCK does, it’s like capturing a little piece of magic! If you’re looking for a great return on your marketing dollars spent, I highly recommend them — we are at 11x ROI and growing.

Kassi Appenzeller

Marketing Director, Goodfella's Air Conditioning, Arizona

1. Book a Growth Call

With limited total spots available, we’ll assess your business, team, and ability to handle sustained growth.


2. Onboard & Ignite

If approved, the process begins immediately with onboarding and activation. Our team handles everything, ensuring you can focus on what matters most.

3. Launch & Lead Generation

Within the first two weeks of launch, you’ll be fielding calls and closing new jobs!

Common Questions

Have any questions?
How does the MAVERiiiCK 10x ROI Guarantee work?

There are 2 performance guarantees:

Guarantee #1: minimum of 10x ROI

Clients will receive a minimum of 10x on fees paid to MAVERiiiCK within each monthly billing period. If, after a full review of MAVERiiiCK lead performance, clients have not received a minimum of 10x ROI; then MAVERiiiCK will continue advertising — at no cost to the client — until the 10x ROI is reached.

MAVERiiiCK has never had to continue advertising for a client. We have always delivered on time.

Guarantee #2: Max ROI Always

MAVERiiiCK does not stop advertising when the 10x ROI is achieved. Instead, MAVERiiiCK will always advertise throughout the entire billing period to achieve the best ROI possible. 

MAVERiiiCK averages a 21.5x ROI…10x ROI is our minimum — not our goal.

How long does it take to get set up once I sign up for MAVERiiiCK?

7 days with client cooperation. Our onboarding systems have been honed repeatedly over the last 30 months, and we want to get started as quickly as possible to show our clients that we mean business.

Are all the leads that MAVERiiiCK generates incoming calls?

Approximately 75% of MAVERiiiCK leads are incoming calls to your company’s call center. The remaining 25% are appointments made through your online scheduler.

How are you able to generate ROI like this?

We know the PROFIT potential of prospects in your zip codes before we run one ad. Winning at ROI means generating the most profitable incoming calls. To do that, we ingest 900B buyer journey signals a month nationally. Then, we process the data into targeting information. Finally, we identify the most profitable calls to target for our clients.

If you want higher ROI you have to identify, target, and WIN higher ROI generating prospects. That’s what we do.

Can any size company sign up for MAVERiiiCK?

We prefer companies that have a minimum of 12-15 trucks and a strong team front to back.

Will this compete with other advertising I’m doing, such as PPC?

No.  We run our advertising on separate channels so it will not compete with your PPC.

Why are there three “iii”s in the MAVERiiiCK name?

The 3 iii’s in the MAVERiiiCK name stand for intent, intent, intent.

All sales in HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical have a pre-purchase ‘Buyer’s Journey’ that starts online in the form of prospect research.

Potential customers research the problem, review solution options, and — once they’ve decided to hire a professional — choose the best company to hire.

MAVERiiiCK technology is focused entirely on collecting and processing the pre-purchase ‘Buyer’s Journey’ behavior of potential HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical customers.

This is how we ensure that your ads reach your potential customers at the right time in their personal “Buyer’s Journey”.

Over $3M in lift since we started.

“I’ve been working with MAVERiiiCK Lead Generation for over 2 years now. Last month’s return on our money spent with them was 21x! Mostly attracting new customers that we otherwise may not have reached and competitive customers that shopped us against our competition. We’ve had over $3M in lift since we started. Highly recommend you connect with this team.”

Chris Donnelly

Owner, Donnelly’s Home Comfort, Pennsylvania

Be Better,

Igniting growth for HVAC,
plumbing and electrical companies.


10x ROI Guaranteed

Market Exclusivity

Month-to-Month Contract

Definitive Competitive Advantage

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